And Thus, The Basement Became A Grave

After dispatching the Nothic, the party began to explore the basement of Tresendar Manor in an attempt to locate the last of the Redbrand Lieutenants. This led to the party dispatching a group of bugbears and attempting to intimidate a rather faint of heart goblin into leading them around. However, he managed to break free and find his way into a tunnel he had dug to the outside, and the party was unable to catch him. Continuing back from whence they came, the party found a pile of human bones lying the chasm, and the front entrance as they proceed deeper into the basement. As they continued on, they found a pit trap that might have gotten someone hurt if they hadn’t spotted it in time. Proceeding over the trap, the party comes upon a group of skeletons, which the quickly off, before Tara is forced back by a rear assault by more Redbrand grunts, who don’t last much longer. Pushing further, the party finds two more grunts guarding a trio of prisoners. The party fights, while Theo works to free the prisoners with his mage hand. A short blood bath later, and the family escapes while mentioning a missing husband. Continuing through the storage rooms, the party finds a hidden door that leads to a set of stairs. Across the way, even with highest landing but around eight feet above the steps, sits another door. After some hilarity and Tiger Vex hijinks, Theo was able to get up the rope and through the door to find a mage hunched over a desk. She quickly tried to charm the intruders, revealing herself as the final lieutenant. After failed attempts at charming, a flurry of magic missiles, and a surprise fireball, she is killed (despite Fletcher’s flirtatious advances), she is killed and her stash is looted.


ethanwbarnes ethanwbarnes

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