Tara Oxelong

Dwarf Paladin


Paladin of the Ancients


Tara was first encountered by the party when they infiltrated a goblin hideout. She had gone to investigate the disappearance of the Cragmaw gang, and was saved from being dropped to her possible death. Afterwards, she proceeded to use a divine smite to turn her attempted executioner into jelly.
She joined the party for the rest of the cavern escapades, including the rescue of her sister Greta. Afterward she joined the cart to the town of North Ward, and was the one who first identified the Destiny Bond enchantment on the delivery for Icorid.
She was the one who discovered that the Apfel’s were two of the Spider’s lieutenants. She also joined the party for the fight in the Sleeping Giant, as well as accompanying the group to Tresandar Manor to clear out the basement.

Tara Oxelong

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